Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Shows

We'll have tapes and shirts available this weekend when we head to Appleton WI and Chicago IL.  You can listen to the new tape on our bandcamp.  Here's the cover art, which also doubles as a shirt design.

These will also be available to order in the near future, I'll post an update as soon as possible.

Here's the show info:

Appleton Wisconsin October 8
(Secret location send a message to the dude on facebook)
w/ Subjugation, Shitlist, Wisconsin Death Squad.

Chicago Illinois October 9 $5 9pm
Treasure Town 2106 S. Kedzie
w/ Shitlist, Shattered Hymen, Other Women, Minimum-Wage Assasins

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's been a few months since I've updated the blog, but rest assured we've been playing shows and doing our regular thing.  Last week we had the chance to play an all Negative Approach cover set at the Dudefest after show in a tiny studio at the Murphy Building in Indianapolis.  We had a great fucking time.

We'll be back down in Indianapolis on August 12 to play with Shaved Christ (members of American Cheeseburger, Cop Dope, Hot New Mexicans, and Bold Slugs)  T-shirts should also be available by this date.

If you're in Ohio this Friday (August 5) you might find us at Howard's.  We're still checking on that one.

Otherwise we're still working on some new jams, a few which have creeped into our set.

Lastly, if you're interested in picking up one of our demo tapes, we're just about out, so if you won't be seeing us soon and want a copy you can order one at


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We've got two shows coming up neither of which are in Fort Wayne, and hopefully a few more in the works.  Here are the details.

April 30
Indiana Hardcore Fest
Village Green Records Muncie, IN 6pm

Barf Blood
Acid Devils
Facts of Life
Picked Clean
Parasitic Twins
More TBA

More info on the facebook event page.

May 15
The Dojo Indianapolis, IN 7pm

Southside Stranglers (Richmond VA, members of Government Warning)
Picked Clean
Parasitic Twins
+1 TBA

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Masakari at 1624 N. Harrison on March 20.

We're playing this.  It's going to be a major rager.  You should probably be there if you are in or around the area.  More info can be found in the following places.  MasakariNak'ay, Eyah Keshah, 1624 N. Harrison St.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shows, Shirts, and New Recordings

On February 19 we played our first show in over a month at The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne.  We were a last minute addition to a show that consisted of what some might call "burger metal".  While playing we managed to scare half of the patrons out of the bar, spill the other half's beer when they got too close, and break shit. Under normal circumstances I'd be disappointed that the top two strings on one of my bass guitars are now unusable because the headstock cracked neatly in half, but because I only use the bottom two strings I really can't complain.

We haven't been playing so much because Daisycutter, Nic and Nathan's other band, were on tour for half of January and we've been writing a bunch of songs.  Some of which should be out in 7" form by summer.

Grey's also been working on a shirt design and we should have those shortly.  We've also started booking some more so keep an eye on the shows list on the side of the page.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parasitic Twins download codes

The original plan with the demo tapes was to include a link to download all of the songs in mp3 format.   This didn't happen, but if you've already bought the tape and would like it in mp3 form please send an email to  Also,  future copies of tape will now include the download link.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Updated: 5/5/11

Micah Jenkins a.k.a Vomax out of Indianapolis puts together one of the best zines out right now hands down.  He's the mastermind behind Classy People, a hilarious recollection of all the (mis)adventures that come with a full year of show attendance. I believe he went to more shows in this his third year doing the zine than any of the previous two, and we happend to play a couple of them.  In one of the reviews he likens us to Voorhees and Negative Approach, we'll take it.  I don't believe that Classy People has any sort of internet presence, but if you happen to find yourself at the Dojo in Indianapolis Vomax will probably be there, and you can do yourself a favor and pick up all 3 of his zines.

Our cassette will also be reviewed in the upcoming print version of Negative Trend, also out of Indianapolis.  You can check our their blog at

Jeremy Jones of Northern Indiana has launched a new zine called Face II Face Hardcore Fanzine.  We get a little writeup in the demos.  He says nice stuff about us, and for that we're thankful.  The first issue of  his zine also has interviews with Bitter End and Rattletooth.  It's all pretty rad.  For more information and to pick a copy up for yourself check out

Demian Johnston prolific noise artist, check out his recently released split with Mammifer out now on Hydrahead, also keeps a blog called Dead Formats where he reviews tapes and vinyl.  He was nice enough to listen to our cassette and say a few things about it here.