Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shows, Shirts, and New Recordings

On February 19 we played our first show in over a month at The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne.  We were a last minute addition to a show that consisted of what some might call "burger metal".  While playing we managed to scare half of the patrons out of the bar, spill the other half's beer when they got too close, and break shit. Under normal circumstances I'd be disappointed that the top two strings on one of my bass guitars are now unusable because the headstock cracked neatly in half, but because I only use the bottom two strings I really can't complain.

We haven't been playing so much because Daisycutter, Nic and Nathan's other band, were on tour for half of January and we've been writing a bunch of songs.  Some of which should be out in 7" form by summer.

Grey's also been working on a shirt design and we should have those shortly.  We've also started booking some more so keep an eye on the shows list on the side of the page.