Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cassette Release and Upcoming Shows

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to give you an update on everything going on with Parasitic Twins as of late. The cassettes and cases have arrived in the mail, and as soon as we get the j-cards printed and tapes dubbed we should be ready to go on our first release, which will also be Midwestern Decline's sixth release. With some luck we'll have them done in time for our show on Saturday November 13 at the Harrison House.
Speaking of shows, here are the details for what we've got coming up until the first of the year.
Fort Wayne IN on November 13 @ 1624 N Harrison St w/Kata Sarka (Indy punk/metal destruction) Rat Storm (Indy Rodent Crust) and Raw Funeral (Fort Wayne Satanic D-Beat)
Marion IN on November 20 @ Willy's w/Death Before Dishonor, Blood In/Blood Out, Iceberg, Close Only Counts
Indianapolis IN on January 1 @ The Dojo "Classy People #3 Release Party" w/Daisycvtter, Hooker Spit Windex, and more TBA. This is the night that the new issue of Classy People, one of the funniest zines I've read in a long time. One guy going to an absurd ammount of shows in a year and writing about each and every one. You're going to want a copy.