Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parasitic Twins download codes

The original plan with the demo tapes was to include a link to download all of the songs in mp3 format.   This didn't happen, but if you've already bought the tape and would like it in mp3 form please send an email to midwesterndecline@gmail.com.  Also,  future copies of tape will now include the download link.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Updated: 5/5/11

Micah Jenkins a.k.a Vomax out of Indianapolis puts together one of the best zines out right now hands down.  He's the mastermind behind Classy People, a hilarious recollection of all the (mis)adventures that come with a full year of show attendance. I believe he went to more shows in this his third year doing the zine than any of the previous two, and we happend to play a couple of them.  In one of the reviews he likens us to Voorhees and Negative Approach, we'll take it.  I don't believe that Classy People has any sort of internet presence, but if you happen to find yourself at the Dojo in Indianapolis Vomax will probably be there, and you can do yourself a favor and pick up all 3 of his zines.

Our cassette will also be reviewed in the upcoming print version of Negative Trend, also out of Indianapolis.  You can check our their blog at http://www.treehouseinitiative.blogspot.com/.

Jeremy Jones of Northern Indiana has launched a new zine called Face II Face Hardcore Fanzine.  We get a little writeup in the demos.  He says nice stuff about us, and for that we're thankful.  The first issue of  his zine also has interviews with Bitter End and Rattletooth.  It's all pretty rad.  For more information and to pick a copy up for yourself check out http://facetofacehardcorefanzine.bigcartel.com/.

Demian Johnston prolific noise artist, check out his recently released split with Mammifer out now on Hydrahead, also keeps a blog called Dead Formats where he reviews tapes and vinyl.  He was nice enough to listen to our cassette and say a few things about it here.